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ITALY Valsir
Quality for Plumbing


Valsir was founded in 1987, in accordance with a specific industrial strategy created by the Fonditalgroup whose founder, Fondital SpA, has been manufacturing aluminium radiators for over 40 years.
Initially, the main objective was to explore and employ new materials for waste and drainage systems: in a market where cast iron, lead and copper were continuously being used in the construction of plumbing systems, Valsir saw the potential for polymers such as flame retardant polypropylene and polyethylene which were attracting interest in the plumbing sector.
website: http://www.valsir.it/en


Project References


  1. LMB Cambridge
  2. Unison headquarters
  3. Kings Cross Eastern Good yard
  4. Kings Cross western transit shed
  5. La Scala theatre in Milan
  6. Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi
  7.  Le Musee des Confluence in Lyon
  8. Ateneo Romano in Bucharest - Romania