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Germany Kessel
Leading in Drainage


Kessel has variations of the floor drain to fit any requirement in residential or commercial projects.  It has redefined a necessary but often overlooked part of the bathroom into something that works with the overall look and feel of the room. Also under Kessel program are grease separators for various requirements.

website: http://www.kessel.com/


Project References

  1.   Belle Grande
  2. Ascott Residences
  3. Oakwood Joy Nostalg
  4. Amorita
  5. Two Seasons Boracay                  
        Grease Separator:
  1. St. Lukes
  2. SM MyPlace
  3. Pasig Children's Hospital
  4. Makati Diamond Hotel
  5. ADB
  6. Max's Restaurant
  7. Jollibee katipunan       


  1. DC Towers - Vienna
  2. Zurich Airport, Switzerland
  3. Atlantis, Dubai
  4. Airport Schiphol
  5. Knowledge Tower - 
  6. Hotel Cavallino Bianco
  7. Central Station, Berlin
  8. BMW Munich
  9. Hotel Napoleaon, Paris
  10. 313 @ Somerset