Kuysen Enterprises, Inc.

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In 1989, Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur Kuysen Go started a family business with a singular focus on one truly exceptional brand, Tyrolit Abrasives, owned by the Swarovski Group. He didn’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ so to speak, Mr. Kuysen immediately saw the potential of an excellent product, and how it was used in various construction and industrial applications.  His Eureka moment was simple: All you really need are a few good names under your roof. Provide builders and homeowners with creative solutions to every possible problem, and surely your customers will come knocking on your door.

What began in a humble shop in Caloocan with just three product lines has grown to become the exclusive importer and distributor of over 70 industrial and architectural brands. Kuysen Go’s son, Jensen Go, who learned the ropes of the business from his father, has since taken the helm of leadership at Kuysen. Today, the company boasts a nationwide network of dealers, builder's depots, and Do-it-Yourself centers. Some of the country's most prominent architects, interior designers, builders and developers all put their trust in Kuysen.


Inspiring Creativity, Delivering Solutions: 25 years and beyond

At Kuysen, every purchase the customers make is seen as a long-term investment. The company considers it a responsibility to ensure durability, functionality, and timeless designs, combined with unmatched after-sales service.

Jensen Go, President of Kuysen Enterprises carries on the tradition of excellence that was established by his father. As the company celebrates its 25th year, he expresses deep gratitude to their customers and partner brands.  “It’s been a beautiful collaboration, actually a marriage of minds,” he relates. “Our partners and clients appreciate true quality and craftsmanship. They put their faith in our company and believed in us all these years. We continue to sell the dream. The future of the Filipino home never looked brighter, because now we have so many forward-thinking brands, interior designers and architects, builders and developers who have a vision for what the Filipino home can be like.”